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Control Panel Options For Your Web Server

control panel options for your web server

The creation of control panels was one of the major inventions that have helped with the successful operation of a website without any technological knowledge in recent years. Control panel is a common tool for managing your hosting plan. You may use it to manage your domain names, install apps, establish and manage email accounts, and upload website files, among other things. Control panels allow you to deal with your web hosting server directly. You’ll be able to do things like perform backup processes, upload files, configure custom email addresses, and install content management systems, among other things.

In this article, we will discuss the major and commonly used control panel options you can choose from.

Control Panel Options



cPanel is a web hosting control panel software developed by cPanel, LLC. cPanel is the Linux-based tool that is used to manage the website from the back end. Because it is entirely picture and menu-based, most individuals who use cPanel will find it incredibly simple to navigate.

It gives the website owner or “end-user” a graphical interface and automated tools to make the process of hosting a website easier. It has a three-tier structure that allows management to use a regular web browser.

It provides a variety of categories to help you discover precisely what you’re looking for fast and simple. There are several features in cPanel and they’re all on one page, which is convenient since you won’t have to go through many menus to get what you’re looking for. Furthermore, all of the features include brief explanations that explain what they can accomplish. Some of its features and categories include-

  • Databases– Create and manage the databases for your website in just seconds with no technical knowledge needed.
  • Domains– Manage multiple domains and subdomains with just a few clicks.
  • Security– Set up advanced security options including SSH access, IP blockers, SSL certificates, more to keep your site safe.
  • Files– Easily upload, delete, and move files around to make them easily available on your hosting server.
  • File manager and FTP user creation
  • Backup creation and automation



Plesk is a control panel designed for use with Windows-based hosting systems. Plesk, particularly its icon-based display system, is quite simple to use for those who are familiar with the Windows operating system. Apart from being designed for Windows, it is also available for Linux. The interface is quite simple and intuitive; everything can be created in a few clicks. The diversity of automation tools is one of its distinguishing qualities. They will free up your time and resources so you can concentrate on the growth of your website rather than worrying about server maintenance.

Plesk provides a simple interface for managing files, establishing databases, and keeping a website up and running. While Windows web hosting is not nearly as effective or popular as Linux web hosting, it is popular for certain sorts of websites. The Plesk control panel system is likely to satisfy those that want Windows-based hosting.

ISP Manager

It is a Linux-based control panel widely used among Eastern European hosting companies. Has a very simple and basic design but that does not make it less comfortable. This web panel is available in two versions: Lite and Business. The first, Lite, may be used for web-server management, establishing users with different access levels, importing data from distant servers, and so on, in addition to other functions that are more or less typical for each panel. As a result, the Lite panel is mostly utilized on dedicated and virtual private servers. Business ISPmanager is excellent for shared or reseller hosting since it allows you to manage numerous servers (clusters) and create and manage user accounts quickly.


To conclude, each of the panels listed above has its unique set of characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. It’s difficult to tell which one is the greatest. This is a question of personal preference. These web panels, on the other hand, all have one thing in common: they make operating servers and hosting easier and faster. As a result, they are suitable for both beginners and developers.

There’s a reason cPanel is the most popular and widely used control panel system available today. The creators of cPanel have done an excellent job of adding new features, keeping everything user-friendly, and guaranteeing that their system is stable for every sort of site.

Here at Listed Hosting, we provide full cPanel access to all of our clients as part of their hosting service since we feel it is the finest. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries concerning cPanel or anything else connected to hosting.

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