5 Web Hosting Factors That Affect Your SEO Ranking

5 Web Hosting Factors That Affect Your SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a broad phrase that refers to the actions you may take to increase your website’s search engine rankings. Since websites have become an integral part of any organization and everyone wants their website to be ranked on the first page of search engines, regardless of their sector or company size, SEO has become an important phenomenon.

The SEO of your website will affect how high you rank on search engine results pages such as Google and therefore plays a significant part in the reach and engagement of your site because a great majority of consumers now use search engines before purchasing a product or service.

Many SEO fundamentals, including keyword placement, mobile optimization, and link-building, creating relevant content, optimizing pages, are well-known and often engaged by SEO experts and website owners. However, the importance of web servers and how it affects SEO rank of a website is what is less popular in the SEO business.

5 Web Hosting Factors That Affect Your SEO Ranking


  1. Website Loading Speed- The time it takes for your website to load has a significant impact on the user experience. Your users are likely to jump off your website if it does not load within two seconds, negatively affecting your SEO. Choosing a cheap and ineffective website host may mean a slow-loading website that will be penalized by search engines, making your rankings drop. You should also think about how you might optimize your pages to make them load as quickly as possible. This includes eliminating non-essential scripts, compressing images, and removing third-party widgets you are not using. You can use tools like Google Webmaster to diagnose and address the cause of website speed issues.
  2. Uptime and Downtime- Your site suffering frequent downtime is evidence that you have an unreliable hosting provider and this will not only discourage your customers and site visitors but will negatively affect your SEO. Google algorithms do not prioritize websites that frequently suffer downtime. To stay on the top page of Google search results, it’s suggested that you keep your uptime at about 99.9%. One of the most significant actions you can take to ensure a good SEO position is to select high-quality and trustworthy web hosting situated in secure areas.
  3. Domain Name- Google has also indicated that domain names affect SEO rankings, with grammatically accurate, straightforward, and trustworthy domains generally performing well. The domain name you choose is also influenced by the location of your web server. A server in the United Kingdom will give you the ‘.uk’ suffix, whereas a server in Finland will give you the ‘.fi’ suffix. You want a domain name that offers your website a trustworthy image while also helping you rank well in search results for the people and locations you’re after. As a result, the ideal approach to select a domain name is to start with the right server and hosting.
  4. Hosting Location- The type of web hosting to choose will critically depend on the audience you want to reach and whether you want to appeal to a really global audience. The location of your hosting server plays a very key role when it comes to SEO ranking because server location affects loading speed. Visitors to your site who are physically distant from where your server is situated will suffer greater latency while visiting your site if it is hosted on a shared, VPN, or dedicated server. It is recommended that you opt for a cloud server so that physical distance from the server is no longer an issue.
  5. Tech/Customer Support- If your domain gets hijacked or your website is down due to an issue with your account, you will require immediate and helpful assistance. A committed and skilled team will assist you with whatever you need and make sure your website is up and running. Your SEO will certainly benefit from a well-functioning website that is free of errors.


With the tremendous competition that every business confronts today, ranking higher on search engines should be your top priority. There are a variety of ways to improve your SEO which includes choosing a competent hosting provider, but most of them require time to see results. At listed hosting, we do not only offer reliable hosting our team includes SEO experts with many years of experience that can help improve your website’s ranking on search engines.






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