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How Long Should A Domain Transfer Take

how long should a domain transfer take

Domain transfer means changing the registrar with which your domain name is registered and this may happen for any valid reason. The process of transferring a domain is easy but it takes some time. That’s because you will need to wait for your current domain registrar and the host you are transferring to authorize the domain name transfer.

Generally, the completion of a domain transfer differs depending on what type of domain it is. However, with us at Listed hosting we get it done within 6 days; as long as your domain is eligible and unlocked the rest is an easy and quick process.  If the transfer of your domain name is taking more than 6 days, there are several things that could be responsible for that which ranges from money owed, evidence of fraud, or you may be trying to transfer your domain name too early.

The maximum time for domain transfer is 60 days.  If you have attempted to transfer your name before this time period is up, or within 60 days of initial registration, it may be refused by your current registrar.

It is also very important to note that some top level domains like .es or .uk have additional transfer requirements and that could mean the regular transfer rules and expectations may not apply to them, including the waiting period. When a domain transfer is complete, you should receive an email notification along with all necessary information about the process within an hour of the successful transfer.


It is quite easy and seamless to transfer your domain to another host. The following are the simple necessary steps to follow in a successful domain transfer and by using these checklists; you reduce the risk of taking your domain offline.

  • FIRST, you need to find the perfect host. You don’t want to make the same mistake you made with your initial domain registrar. You should do your findings and consider the source of the services offered by a given registrar. Secure the most suitable registrar for your domain name. If you haven’t decided on a new host yet, we advise that you consider listed hosting, they offer a secure and reliable domain registration at an affordable rate.


  • The next step is to disable your domain privacy. When you initially register a domain name, the registrar would usually offer you domain privacy and in order to proceed with the domain name transfer, you have to disable domain privacy with your current registrar, and then wait for the central registry to update its records with your actual name and details.


  • Most domain registrars lock your domain when registering it in order to ensure that it is secured from unauthorized changes. To transfer your domain, you will need to manually unlock your domain privacy and to do that you have to sign in to your registrar, and look for the button to disable your domain lock – it will usually be under a tab labelled “Transferring,” “Sharing,” or something similar, and easy to locate.


  • Getting an authorization code is the next thing after disabling your domain lock. Registrars create this code to help identify you as the domain name holder. This code is often sent via email and it may take up to 5/6 days.


  • Initiate Transfer: This is the stage where you begin the transfer process with your new host. Your new registrar will inform you on how long the transfer process will take and both your old and new registrar will communicate with you via email. Most registrars will also ask you to pay a fee at this point.

I hope this article has helped in educating you on the process of a domain transfer and the approximate expected time to complete a domain transfer.

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