Why is Domain Privacy Important

why is domain privacy important

When you register your domain name, you are required by ICANN to provide up-to-date- information about yourself which is required to be publicly displayed. Every domain has a WHOIS listing which is a searchable database of every registered domain, which invariably means the information such as your name, contact address,  phone number, and others that you have provided is visible to everyone on the internet.

Domain privacy is the ability to protect the information you use to register your domain name. Domain name Privacy is an additional service your web host can provide for you which protects your contact details and keeps your personal information private.

In the world we are today where online fraud and insecurity are rampant; having your details and contact information visible to everyone on the internet is dangerous. It is very important for you to consider domain privacy protection to keep your data secure.

There are many domain services providers that also offer domain privacy protection to their clients. The publicly visible details of contacts are replaced by safety measures and alternative information is created which is then made available by your registrar of domain name

Below are some of the important reasons you should consider domain privacy:

why is domain privacy importantPROTECT YOUR PERSONAL DATA

In the WHOIS database, personal data is publicly displayed as a requirement and if you do not want to leak out your personal information, you should consider domain privacy. It ensures that your personal information is secured and no one can use it for fraudulent means.


Since your data and personal information are made available to everyone, you are at the risk of being impersonated. The information can be used by hackers for various illegal and fraudulent purposes. You will not have to face identity theft issues by having strong protection for your domain names and you can save yourself from massive problems.


When registering your domain name, you provide your contact information via your email; hence spammers and hackers also have access to your email address. Using domain privacy protection, you can effortlessly control the junk emails and spam from an email account.

The importance of domain name protection cannot be denied if you want to protect yourself from any kind of inconvenience in the future.


Your address and phone numbers provided during your domain registration can be misused by just anyone. You can begin to receive unsolicited calls and contacts. If your information gets into the wrong hands, your business can be hacked and taken over. Domain privacy protection helps keep your online business protected and also protects you from unwanted calls and contact.


There is a high chance that your business will fail too soon if your competitors are using the same business idea as you because all your information and ideas are visible on the internet.

As a start-up, any of your data exposed to competitors can be very costly, especially if you are providing an innovative solution to an existing problem. Your personal and business information cannot be leaked out when you use domain privacy protection services and you can stop competitors from using your information.

Domain privacy is very important to keep things in control. The private domain registration keeps your personal data out of WHOIS database and you can decide what information you want to make public through your website.

Provide safe contact data that you and your clients can comfortably use. If you have a website then it is important for you to protect your domain name and keep your online information secure.

That’s why at listed hosting we understand the implications of your information being publicly displayed and we now provide services to protect you by offer domain privacy at a very affordable cost. We also encourage you to purchase your domain privacy at the same time you are registering your domain name so that you are safe from the beginning.

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