Most Important Features Of a Web Host In Nigeria

most important features of web host in nigeria

An essential part of having a website live on the internet is to have a reliable and high-performing website host. A web host is responsible for things like website and server maintenance, security, and running of software all to ensure the smooth and swift running of the website.

A web hosting service provides you with the technologies and services needed for a website to be viewed on the internet. Websites are hosted on special computers called servers. Employing a hosting service essentially means renting space on a server owned by the hosting company.

Web hosting providers also take care of the physical storage and maintenance that web servers require. They address the physical needs of their web servers by providing storage space in cooled environments as well as necessary hardware maintenance.

Web hosts offer various hosting packages depending on the different website needs. What services you will need from a web hosting company depends on the size, features, and purpose of your website.  There are some important things to look out for before choosing a website host.

As a website owner, you must personally put into consideration some things which include; the needs of your website, your budget, how secure you expect your website to be, the expected traffic on the website, and so on.

Most Important Features Of A Web Host

Most importantly, there are several features to look out for in a web host, however, we consider the following qualities most important:


Uptime is the number of times your website is live and running while speed refers to how fast loading your website is. Both qualities are very crucial before your website can achieve the purpose for which it was created. A reliable web host should be able to guarantee 99.9% uptime and very high speed.

Apart from impacting the smooth running of a website, uptime and speed also affect the ranking of your site on the internet and most importantly it can either encourage or frustrate potential customers. With cloud hosting, 100% uptime can be guaranteed and that is what we provide at Listed Hosting.

most important features of web host in nigeria BACKUP AND SECURE SERVICES

Imagine what losing all your data would do to your business. To avoid experiencing what this great loss feels like, you should lookout for a hosting company that provides a remote backup service that suits the need of your website. For example, if you are selling products continuously, you need continuous backups so that you do not lose any recent sales info.


If your business runs 24/7 then you need assurance of all-round the clock expert support for your website. Even if your website does not run 24/7, it is important that you trust your web host to promptly respond to any query and provide solutions to urgent challenges you may have. So when choosing your web host, be careful to choose a host that provides 24/7 expert and customer support because every minute you are offline you lose a customer.


The SSD stores data on flash memory chips in form of electrical charges. The data is retained even when there is no power present and it does not have any moving parts, which makes it more energy-efficient and less susceptible to wear and tear. This is why SSD is faster than HDD. SSD is built to work in a way that it remembers the location of the data whenever it is stored while HDD has to first look for the stored data’s location in order to fetch it, which makes it slower and less efficient.

At Listed Hosting, we pride ourselves on providing the fastest SSD hosting service. With us, you are guaranteed these essential hosting features and many more to make your website run adequately.

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